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Preparing Your Pre-Teen For Their First Cell Phone

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If you have a pre-teenager living in your home, chances are you see them less frequently during the middle and high school years as you did when they were younger. Whether your pre-teen is busy with school tasks and/or spending time with friends, it will be necessary to have a way to communicate with them when needed. Many parents take the step in getting a cell phone for their child at this age. Here are some tips you can use to help in preparing your child for the responsibility in having a cell phone of their own:

Start Off With A Standard Model

Instead of purchasing your child with a cell phone with all the bells and whistles, it is best to refrain from top-of-the-line models until responsibility can be learned in how to care for a phone properly. Tell your child that if they are able to keep their phone in the best of condition for a designated amount of time, you will consider an upgrade. Purchasing a used cell phone is an option if you believe your child cannot live without added phone features. This will aid in keeping your cost down while allowing your child to have a premiere phone. Most parents will stick with a phone with a basic plan rather than one with online capabilities for a first cell phone. Many cell phone retailers will often have used cell phone sales.

Set A Schedule For Usage

To help in teaching your child that their cell phone is a responsibility, it is a good idea to have times of the day and night where it is not to be used. When your child needs to do homework, eat meals, or sleep, the cell phone should not be a distraction. Set up a charging area in a central location of your home where your child can plug in their phone during these times. This way you can monitor usage, making sure your child is refraining from being in front of their phone during times it is important to have it put away.

Purchase A Protective Covering

It is a good idea to have your child's phone protected from potential damage. A phone case is a necessity for a child's cellular device as they will most likely not be as gentle with the phone as someone with experience in how fragile these electronics are. A case that completely encloses the phone with a seal against water damage is a great benefit for a child's phone. You will have the peace of mind that the chances of damage are greatly minimized, helping you to avoid additional costs in repair or replacement if you want your child to have cell service.