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A Few Reasons To Change Your Business Phone System To Voip

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If your business phone system is one with many lines and different numbers that require a main inbound line with someone to answer it and transfer calls, it may be time to change to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system. This will not only save you money but provide ways for your employees to stay in touch with each other and with customers know matter where they are. Here are just a few benefits of this type of phone network.


Because no hard lines are involved like they are with an analog phone company, the cost of VoIP can be less than traditional phone systems. While the savings are minimal if you only ever dial or receive calls within your local area, the savings multiply when you are dealing with people out of the area, state, or even the country. You will be charged one fee monthly to be able to send and receive calls from all over the continental U.S. If you do business with foreign countries regularly you can have these countries added to your service for a low price as well. You will always be billed the same amount, even if you spend hours talking to someone in one of the countries in your plan.


While it is possible to h ave calls forwarded to a different number when using a traditional system, Someone has to remember to make the change before going to a different location. When you have a VoIP system, an employee can log into the system's account from anywhere with internet access and make the change. For example, if John decided to stay at home to finish up some work he can log into the system and have any calls that would go to his office phone transferred to his home phone. If he then decides to go to lunch he can log in on his phone or tablet from the restaurant and have the calls transferred to his cell phone. In addition, calls can be received on his laptop or tablet if he forgot to take his cell phone with him.

Text messages, conference calls, and even video calls are all possible with VoIP. Also, because it is the internet, almost everything can be automated, including alerts to remind someone to make a call and away messages for times you do not want to be disturbed. Every feature you would use on a landline phone system can be used with VoIP. However, not all VoIP features can be used on a landline.