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How A Business Phone System Can Help Your Store

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If you own a small customer-facing business where you still answer the phone yourself for every call, you may be missing out on potential sales when you are not there to pick up. Even a standard voicemail set up might not be enough to save the sale, as the customer could just move on to one of your competitors. If you want to elevate your phone game, it might be time to install business phone systems for your store. Here are just some of the features you should keep an eye out for.

Automated Answering and Information

Most big box stores automatically answer the call when it comes in and then begin to give the customer a list of potential options. This allows you to give the customer general information about your store right in the message. It's a form of immediate engagement that you can't get for your store through a standard voicemail set up. You can also educate your customers about any special deals you have going on right at the start of the call or while they are waiting on hold to be transferred to the right department.

Re-Route Calls to the Right Person

If your store is growing, you might have different departments that sell different kinds of products. Having one employee answer the phone at the front of the store but then having to wait for the expert in the back to come up front to actually talk to the customer is convenient for no one. With a business phone system, you can set up multiple phones throughout the sales floor and quickly transfer a call all the way to the back with the push of a couple of buttons.

After-Hours Greeting

This is somewhat similar to the automated answering during business hours, but most business phones will let you set a customized message if the customer calls when the store is closed. This will educate the customer so they don't waste a trip to the store thinking you are still open and leave frustrated. You can also use the after-hours message to mention deals happening the next day or in the coming weeks. 

If your small sales floor is expanding and you are getting more and more phone calls, it's time to install a more professional system than one where the owner has to personally answer every call. Contact a local company that provides business phone systems to get your store set up properly today.