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4 Choices You'll Face When Picking An Office Paging System

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Paging systems make communicating messages with a large group of people an easy feat. Yet, choosing the right system can take careful prior consideration and may require help from a professional. Take a look at some of the things you will have to decide as you pick out a new paging system for your office. 

Will you go with wired or wireless?

The old hardwired paging systems are just as popular as new wireless systems, and it is not without reasons. The models that still get hardwired in like traditional phone line or cabling systems, won't rely on a good wifi connection to function properly. If you don't necessarily want another electronic system using your bandwidth because the service you have is not the greatest, you may be better suited with a hardwired paging system. On the other hand, wireless systems are faster to install and can be just as efficient if you have a strong internet infrastructure. 

What volume level will your office space need?

Pretty much every paging system out there is going to give you a certain decibel range for volume; some will have lower ranges than others. Of course, the ability to adjust the volume is a must, but you should also determine how that volume level will coincide with the noise levels at your place of business. Naturally, if your office space is a bit noisier than most and doesn't have a lot of walls to contain sound within one area, you may need higher volume levels from your paging system. 

What brand should you go with?

Any time you are choosing an electronic system, it is important to choose a good brand. Do your research to determine what kind of paging systems are known for:

  • Consistency in operation 
  • Ease of operation and configuration 
  • Offering a good warranty for the product 
  • Good support service when customers have issues 

How many speakers do you need?

The number of speakers you need for your paging system is a big decision. Of course, you need to look at how many rooms there are within the building. Ideally, you will want a pager speaker in every room, but some large spaces will also need multiple speakers. Working with a professional when getting your initial system set up is always a good idea because something seemingly simple like the number of speakers can have a huge impact on overall functionality.