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Several Things To Know Regarding Colocation Services

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Your business will likely need the use of an assortment of different types of computer equipment. Yet, it is a common problem for businesses to lack the physical space to safely accommodate this equipment. Luckily, you can utilize a network colocation service for your business to allow you to avoid cluttering your limited workspace with bulky computer equipment.

Will The Colocation Service Provide You With The Required Computer Equipment?

Many business owners will assume that a colocation service will provide the enterprise with the needed servers and other computer equipment. However, this is not always the case as these services typically require clients to supply their hardware as the colocation service will provide the building, support staff, security, power, and internet connections. If you do not own a server, some of these services may offer lease-to-own options, but you will need to specifically ask about this option as it is not universally offered.

What Happens If Your Equipment Experiences A Malfunction?

Unfortunately, there is always a risk that your server will experience some type of malfunction that will require a technician to repair. Many business owners may be concerned about a technician that is unfamiliar with their needs attempting to make these repairs. To accommodate clients with this concern, colocation services will provide you with access codes to the facility. This will allow you to dispatch one of your technicians to the facility so that they can perform the needed repairs to your system.

Is Your Data And Computer Equipment Safe From Attack?

Cyber security is one of the most important aspects of any computer network. This can be particularly true for businesses that rely on internet-based services. These services can be vulnerable to hacking and brute force denial of service of attacks. Preventing these potentially disruptive and expensive problems will require a comprehensive security system.

The responsibility for keeping your network safe from these attacks will largely be your own, but the colocation service will provide some help in this regard. For example, these services will often monitor for denial of service attacks, and if one is detected, your server may be turned off until the attack is over. This will help to limit the ability of the attack to overwhelm your system and gain access to it. Furthermore, your computer equipment will be in a secured room that will prevent anyone without your access codes from entering, and these centers will require every visitor to check in with a staff member.